Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the paint goes on....

Woohoo! People ask me if I'm excited about about the baby. Of course I am! But this week, oh this week, I am more excited about the painters in my house.
I walked in the door last night and my entire living & dining rooms were in one giant pile with plastic over it, covered in dust. I didn't care. All I saw was my freshly painted stairway with the gleaming trim work. It may as well have been covered in sparkles for how glorious it looked to me. Did I also mention these guys are fast? They finished my entire upstairs yesterday, including ceilings and trim. Well, that is about 900 sq ft, also known as the master bed & bath, guest bed & bath, nursery, hallway & stairway.

Tomorrow.....oh tomorrow is the day they install all of my new light fixtures and crown molding.

It's going to be soooooooooo lovely! I can't wait.

I would be happy to post pics, but I left the SD card in my laptop so the pics went into internal memory. The cable to transfer is of course in the most logical place, the end table drawer in the living room, which is covered in dust and plastic.

I know it will be alot of work to get the place back together, but man, it is so worth it!

I'm doing a little happy dance now. Perhaps it's the fumes.

Ok- stop freaking out. The paint is low fume Duron Genesis paint, they say no fume. They are lying. And yeah, I even slept with the windows cracked a bit.

Update: I found the memory card and the transfer cable. Here are a few disaster zone pictures for your viewing pleasure.

See the chandelier & that big china cabinet ?
That's supposed to be the dining room.

And the living super comfy plush
recliner is clearly unavailable for my aching arse.

This is the family room that will soon be a small office space
and baby central on the main floor of our townhome.
See all those boxes with baby goodies? Yeah - my massage chair is
under there. Have I mentioned that my butt it pretty darn sore?

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