Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feels like....a pain in the butt!

You heard me, this kid is a already a pain in my butt.

You see, I am having coccyx issues. You know the coccyx, you might call it the tailbone. The clinical term for the pain is, get this, coccydinia. Sounds like Charlotte on Sex & the City with her depressed vagina and her doctor called it "vulvadynia". Anyway, coccydinia sounded like a totally made up term to me and I am self diagnosing based on "that thing I read on the internet..." We all know how reliable information on the internet can be. Rest assured, it seems to be a widely used term so I guess it's accepted by the medical profession.

It totally bites. But I think I just like saying coccyx.

When I was in 6th grade, I fell on my butt on a tile floor (freakin middle school boys were harassing me!) or perhaps it was that morning walking to the bus stop and I slipped on the icy driveway....regardless, it isn't fun. I never had an official diagnosis or xrays, but I can only assume that is is just coming back to haunt me. Also - according to Dr Will, my coccyx curves slightly to the right. He also went on to say that the whole curved coccyx thing is more prevalent in women than in men. Another little something special that we gals have over the boys.

I see a chiropractor each week which I will kick up to twice weekly. Can we say cha-ching, even with a $30 copay. I also get a massage once a month but since you can't really do real deep tissue work while pregnant I haven't found them as therapeutic as in the past. I am sitting on a pillow at work, getting up at least every 45-60 minutes to walk and even using low heat when at home to provide temporary relief. Of course there is my old friend, Tylenol. I really don't like taking meds unless I absolutely have to. Seems like for chronic issues, pain management specialist and end up with steroid injections (yuck) and taking prescription Neurotonin (double yuck!), which is like an anti seizure pain blocking thing. Once again, since this didn't really kick up until I was pregnant, I will assume and continue to think that post-delivery, I won't have these issues (at least not for long) and things will ultimately get back to normal.

My only concern....I am only 27 wks. Wonder what I will be like in 2 months. Poor Pookie, he is the one that has to put up with me.

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