Sunday, December 16, 2007

Off to party we go!

It's that time of year again.....time for the company Holiday Party.

I was a little up in the air about going this year as special occasion wear in maternity plus is kinda hard to find, without spending a fortune of course. I had been searching high and low all over the net for a dress to wear. Have I mentioned I HATE buying clothes online??? You can't try them on, not sure if they will fit, if it doesn't work then you have the whole shipping fiasco to get it back to them. Overall, it's just a pain in the neck as far as I'm concerned. I found one at David's Bridal that was available in black or red (I love red!!!), but I didn't want to spend well over $100 on a dress. So, I got this little number from Motherhood - and only for $30!!! It fit great, just a simple black dress. I was perfectly happy with it. I bought a few accessories and off we went.

The party was great. I got to see friends that I only see once a year. They are mostly wives of colleagues that I see at the holiday party and picnic each year. I chat with Jess online almost every day and am lucky to see her once a year. It was great to see everyone dressed up in their finest looking awesome and ready to have a good time.

Overall, we had a wonderful time. Had a good dinner, did a little dancing - yes I did!! Rick had a "dance off" of sorts with a someone from the office. These boys have been talking trash to each other about their dance skills for the past month and wow - did they rise to the occasion. Not only did Rick beat him on the floor, but he took all his money in Texas Hold Em. I think Kevin's words were "Rick was my daddy tonight...." I don't dance nearly as much as he does, but it's a good thing I bring him so all the other gals who don't have dates or have husbands that don't dance have someone to hang with on the dance floor. Other than some sore feet, I was just fine the next day.BTW.....I think my head looks big in all pictures when I am wearing black and standing next to Rick. I hope my kid's head isn't as big as this.

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