Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Organized chaos?

Is that even a legit term? And by the calendar, I see there are only 7 days 'til Christmas. I am so screwed.

We have a houseguest coming for the holidays, maybe 2 or 3 more. I am so excited to have "people" to make dinner for. Normally it is just Pookie and I.

The only problem is, the house is a mess. Mess is actually an understatement Disaster area is more appropriate. It is slowly getting better. We moved in over a year ago and there are boxes in random places. We have about 2500 sq ft and the problem is we just have so much space, we can move something into another room and not think about it for months. This is a huge change from growing up in a 900 sq ft house with 4 or 5 people. I have a living room, family room and a rec room. Oh yeah....did I mention the FOUR bathrooms! I love having all the bathrooms but they all have to be cleaned. I really really really hate cleaning. I even tried to get cool things to make it more fun, like a Dyson in Ohio State colors, but it still doesn't work. Basically, the last few days have been spent just getting stuff to where it needs to be and clean before the cleaning ladies come.

How stupid is that - clean for the Molly Maid gals???? I actually had to refrain from dusting tonight. Believe me, there is PLENTY for them to do.

I wish I could just hire someone to organize everything and be able to read my mind and know right where to put everything that would make perfect sense to me. I'm already quirky about where things go, so lets throw pregnant on top of that. Yeah, I have been a pure joy for Pookie to be around. Then again, I have been waiting for like a year for the surround sound to be hooked up with those speakers sitting in the corner so I don't think I'm being totally unreasonable.

So, the tree is up, the lights are up outside, the house is coming together, things are falling into place. I did my shopping for Pookie online yesterday so as long as FedEx, UPS and DHL all come through, I should be ok.

I just want to take a poll....when folks out there clean their house, is at least half of the trash JUNK MAIL? I check my mail every 3 days or so and only have about 4 pieces of real mail. I have even asked my credit card company to stop sending statements and those freakin courtesy checks. They said no, it isn't available at this time. I think banks own stock in the companies that make paper shredders. Flippin tree killing a-holes.

Happy Holidays Folks!


Girl said...

My sil cleans before her maids come... I don't get it.

Alex at Denver Concierge said...

It sounds funny that someone would clean before their maids come to clean, but I completely get it. I think it kinda makes sense to clean up, or at least pick up a little. You know where the small things go and your cleaners don't. I also know that some people feel somewhat embarrassed if their home is really messy.