Tuesday, December 18, 2007

100 Things....

  1. I have lived in VA for about 4 years.
  2. I don’t think some of the people here are very neighborly.
  3. I am from Columbus, Ohio.
  4. I LOVE the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  5. I could care less about the NFL, I think they are overpaid crybabies.
  6. I grew up in a single parent home, I think Mom did a good job.
  7. My parents divorced when I was 4 (or 5?)
  8. I don’t remember ever living with my dad.
  9. My dad is an alcoholic.
  10. I haven’t spoken with him in almost 2 years.
  11. He doesn’t even know I’m pregnant.
  12. I think he had a problem with me marrying a black man although he has never said anything.
  13. While I wish I had a relationship with him, I have learned I can’t change him and it is wasted effort. If he wants to come around….he knows how to find me.
  14. It took me 32 years to figure that last one out.
  15. My grandparent on my father’s side both passed when I was younger.
  16. I have 2 older sisters.
  17. I have 3 nieces and 5 nephews (with a set of fraternal twins in there).
  18. I used to spoil them like crazy.
  19. I am trying to cut them off, I will have my own little one to spoil. I feel like some of them expect things from me.
  20. I feel like because my husband and I are doing well financially, some people in my family think I owe them something.
  21. When they behave such a way, I resent them for making me feel this way.
  22. We work hard and I refuse to apologize for my success.
  23. I am the last grandchild to have a great grandchild for my grandmother.
  24. I have only one grandparent left and can’t imagine life without her.
  25. I lived with Grandma from 7th – 10th grade.
  26. She taught me family traditions and invaluable lessons I will carry with me forever.
  27. Including how to make chicken & homemade noodles.
  28. And how important Memorial Day (aka Decoration Day) is to her. I would travel all over Ohio every year to decorate graves of those passed decades ago, including my great great great grandparents.
  29. One of my favorite things was getting home canned green beans from her root cellar in the winter.
  30. I have been married before.
  31. It was a great learning lesson.
  32. He was Navy, so we moved to San Diego.
  33. I loved living in San Diego.
  34. I never felt an earthquake or had to be evacuated because of wildfires when I lived there.
  35. Bonnie felt an earthquake and woke me up barking, but I never felt a thing.
  36. I miss Bonnie a lot.
  37. Bonnie was a bed hog and I loved her even more for it.
  38. I love dogs in general and used to volunteer for the Humane Society.
  39. I have never had a cat.
  40. I think cats are the snobs of pets.
  41. I think I am more on the same level with dogs since they are so social.
  42. I feel that I’m not giving cats a fair chance.
  43. Dr Pepper is my favorite soda.
  44. I got the Dr Pepper gene from my dad since my mom hates it.
  45. When I look around my house and the projects I want to do, I feel overwhelmed every day.
  46. I used to work for a fertility doctor.
  47. I know way too much about my ovaries and FSH and ovulation and sperm.
  48. I had no idea that coming up with 100 things would be so hard.
  49. I have seen the entire Sex & the City series at least 4-5 times, and that doesn’t count the random TBS syndicated episodes.
  50. I pay way too much for cable tv – there is no way I need this many channels.
  51. We have 4 tvs for 2 people (it was 5 until last night when I gave one away).
  52. My first car was a Chevette…..with the word SPORT on the side.
  53. Chevette Sport is a HUGE oxymoron.
  54. I had so much fun in that car.
  55. Overall, that car was a POS.
  56. I currently drive a small SUV....can we say soccer mom!
  57. I think my next car will be a crossover type sort of thing like a Chevy Equinox.
  58. I can identify several perfumes by scent.
  59. I would die if I couldn’t smell, it is my strongest memory trigger.
  60. When I moved to California with the ex, the moving truck burned to the ground so I lost everything.
  61. It taught me to not be a packrat when it comes to some stuff.
  62. But I lost my favorite teddy bear that was my mom’s when she was a little girl and I still miss it.
  63. My honey and I broke up a little over a year before we got married, and I mean really broke up.
  64. It taught us so much about our relationship, I would go through it all over again if it got us back to where we are now.
  65. I’m sure I get on his nerves a lot, especially with all the things I want him to do with the baby coming.
  66. I found my first gray hairs a few months ago.
  67. I don’t feel old enough to have gray hair.
  68. I have a really bad case of “open mouth, insert foot” which has inadvertently hurt people close to me.
  69. I am scared to death of being a mom.
  70. I will have to make decisions that affect someone else’s life!
  71. I am afraid that I won’t be strong enough to stand up for my child when he needs it most.
  72. But I have faith and know that we will manage just fine.
  73. One of my closest friends younger brother was manic depressive and committed suicide. I still try to understand how this can impact people and while I don’t fully “get it”, I know it is very real and scary to those who are affected.
  74. I work with my Pookie.
  75. Fortunately, not in the same department.
  76. We don’t carpool – but we live about 6 miles away so it isn’t the end of the world.
  77. Everyone else’s driving scares the crap out of me.
  78. I used to be angry with my mom when I was younger but now realize she did what was necessary to provide for me.
  79. I have been best friends with Kelli for 22 years.
  80. We can tell each other anything and everyone should have a friend like this.
  81. Sometimes I regret not really trying with college.
  82. I am afraid that I didn’t live up to my full potential by not going full time and finishing.
  83. I just got a promotion (not bad for not graduating college eh?)
  84. I make too much money to not work.
  85. We paid nearly half a million (eek!!!) for a TOWNHOME. My mom’s house was 40k so our mortgage scares the crap out of me.
  86. I can watch reruns of Friends over and over and over.
  87. I am addicted to sitcoms.
  88. I like to think I like to take pictures….but I don’t think I do.
  89. I don’t love being pregnant, but it is mostly just odd and different.
  90. I don’t hate being pregnant, but it is mostly just odd and different.
  91. I love Chili Cheese Fritos for roadtrip food.
  92. I rarely watch live tv…..thank god for my DVR.
  93. I think I complain too much.
  94. I think I get on my husband’s nerves.
  95. I hate to see my friends and family taken advantage of and take it very personally if they aren’t able to stand up for themselves to stop it from happening.
  96. I love to bake cookies and cakes.
  97. I can kinda decorate cakes - even took a class.
  98. I think a little bit of struggle develops character and the kids in Northern Virginia could use some as most of them are spoiled, ungrateful brats.
  99. I worry about what the world will be like in 20 - 30 years when these kids hit their 30's & 40's and are running thing.
  100. This was harder than I thought it would be.

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Joanna said...

I am in VA/DC area and am SUPER neighborly (but agree that there are not many of us)! Congrats on your beautiful baby!