Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's a Christmas Miracle!

I called my Grandma last night. I love love love my Grandma. She is nearly 90 years old and still lives alone in her house. Fret not, my mom is around the corner and great aunt is across the street. Besides, the entire block calls her Grandma Rosie, she has lived there for over 50 years, everyone is always checking up on her. Being over 400 miles away I like to call and check on her frequently. It is hard though, she is always on the phone with someone as she knows half of the city. Did I mention she doesn't have call waiting?

So anyway, back to when I called Grandma. She said they were doing Christmas Eve dinner at my sister Debbie's this year. Better yet, it was my other sister, Trish's idea. I thought to myself that the fiery inferno down under has surely frozen over as my 2 sisters haven't gotten along for years!

Don't get me wrong, they tolerate one another for the sake of Grandma or say for my baby shower, but they certainly aren't close at all. I talk to both of them but try to stay out of the middle of things. It seems I have always been the peacekeeper, mediator, whatever you want to call me.

So, Trish experienced the unthinkable recently. The sunday before Thanksgiving, her 37 yr old boyfriend/fiance died of a heart attack in his sleep. Perfectly normal sunday, watched some football, made lasagna for dinner, went to bed and just didn't get up. While this is horrible and shocking in every way, it made some people think. We have all been thinking about how short life is and how important family is. We don't get to choose them, but they are the only family we have, so we should really make the most of what we've got.

So, sister's are burying the hatchet for the sake of family. I am so happy this is happening and also a little jealous because I can't go home for Christmas and I will miss it. Grandma is almost 90 and God willing, will be here for us next year. This is something I have wanted forever and now I can't even be part of it. I feel a little left out being so far away.

I think we should have Christmas in DC next year - they will have to start planning now. I have plenty of space and I'm sure by the time it is over, I will be happy that I am 400 miles away and I can send them home.

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Girl said...

I understand that left out feeling. I am glad they are burying the hatchet.