Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and The Return of The Blog

Happy New Year peeps in blogland.  If you're still there that is.  Welcome to 2011, should be an interesting year for my growing family, we're looking forward to it.  There is a tiny part of me that is scared to death but it's a super tiny part.

As you could tell, ye old blog had pretty much died.  Busy Mom, busy routines, working full time, toddler care, being pregnant and tired, appointment after appointment, writing a thought out blog post was just about the last possible thing on my mind.  I am hoping to kinda change that.  I'm not promising multiple posts weekly but who knows what will happen.  Anything is possible.  After all, it IS a new year!

I hope to be back soon.  Take care folks!

1 comment:

BigP's Heather said...

Happy New Year!!
Glad to see you post.