Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMG - Where on Earth Have I Been?

Wow, July 5 was my last post?  Seriously?  I don' believe you, I think Blogger is a big fat hairy liar and I have actually made many a post since then and Blogger just trashed them and never posted them.

Yeah, that's totally what happened.  I swear.  Pay no attention to the crossed fingers.

Ok, fine, I will fess up.  Yeah, I've been gone for a while but mostly it's because I have been sleeping.  I have seriously been feeling like crapola however my OB assures me that everything is normal with THIS PREGNANCY!

Yep.  Me.  Pregnant.  I know all two of my blog readers are so excited to hear that.  Like you needed me to tell you, as if that ticker over there to the right didn't give you the first hint.

So my last post was on July 5, I found out I was pregnant on July 6.  Of course being the superstitious person that I am, I couldn't possibly blog about it so early on.  During the past 2 months pregnancy has pretty much been the only thing on my brain.  Well that and trying to keep my kid from playing in traffic because let me tell you, all I want to do is sleep!

Zzzzzz, zzzzzzz, zzzzzz. 

Oops - dozed off there for a minute.

So now you know.  The cat is out of the bag.  I plan on writing a post about how extremely different this pregnancy is from when I was pregnant with Ricky but it's nearly 11pm which means I am up way past my bedtime.


Beth said...

yay! you're back! and pregnant (but i already knew that)! soooo happy for you! hope the fatigue will get a little easier when you enter the 2nd trimester!

Beth said...

Thanks for your comments on my lovely weight blog... and for your offers for clothing. I'm good for now... still have lots of sizes from my "way up" from size 10/12 years ago. Plus, I looove buying new, smaller clothes! I appreciate the offer, though!

Hope you're feeling good these days. Let's try to get together before the newest member of your family arrives! =)