Monday, July 5, 2010

30 Questions

Nope, not 20 questions, but 30 questions. I know, dare to be different, right? Not really, I stole it from Canape.  Feel free to steal it to, but let me know if you do because I would love to see your answers.

30 Questions:

1. It’s 2AM and you are not home. You are more than likely:
I can't even remember the last time I was out until 2am.  If I am, you can bet I wish I was home.

2. What’s the last thing you spent more than $100 on?
Bookcases from Ikea and a new living room area rug.  I have been planning this stuff for a while.  I still want a new end table and a funky lamp but it only took me 3 yrs to pick out leather furniture, I have a while to get that table. 

3. What do your bank checks look like?
Standard issue style from the bank. (Same answer as Canape)

4. Where did the shirt you are currently wearing come from?
I don't remember the exact store, most likely Buckeye Corner since it's an Ohio State t-shirt.

5. Name something that will be on your Christmas wish list:
Maybe an end table...

6. What color is your toothbrush?

7. Name something you collect and tell us about it.
I used to collect polar bears, but that got out of hand and I had photo artwork, art books, stuffed ones, you name it.  Then there were the Disney Snow Globes and some day if I have a little girl, they will adorn some very high shelves in her bedroom.  For the moment, it's overpriced handbags.  Mostly Coach but I am starting to love some Michael Kors too.

8. Last restaurant you ate at. Who were you with? How was it?
Red Robin - With the husband and kid.  It was Red Robin - it's great for kids and quick.  Not a whole lot you can say about their burgers, they are burgers.

9. Who was the last person you bought a birthday card for?
My BFF but I am supremely lame and incapable of getting to the post office.  Heck, I didn't even give it to her IRL when she was here visiting.

10. What is your worst bad habit?
Late night sweet tooth.  Ice cream at 10pm isn't bad for you, right?

11. Name a magazine to which you subscribe?
Better Homes & Gardens

12. Your favorite pizza toppings?
Pepperoni and in Columbus there is this place called Donatos that makes this kick butt hawaiian that has ham, pineapple, sliced almonds and cinnamon.  I prefer veggies on my salad, not my pizza.

13. Whose number were you looking up the last time you used a phone book?
I have absolutely no idea, maybe an HVAC company?  I always use the internet.  Always.

14. Other than family, who is the person that you love most?
Oh, my friends.  There are a few that are as close as family if not closer.  I would do anything for them. No, I am not naming names. 

15. What is the last thing you cooked?
Eggs sandwich for breakfast today.

16. Name something you wouldn’t want to buy used?
Rectal thermometer.  Seriously - someone was trying to sell one on CL.  Gross.

17. Which shoe do you put on first?
Whichever one is turned upright. 

18. What is the last thing you remember losing?
Tape Measure - we always lose that thing.

19. What is the ugliest piece of furniture in your house?
The ugly sofa & loveseat in the basement.  It was free from a friend and I have tried to get Rick to replace it, he loves it.  It's on it's last legs though so it will go eventually.

20. Last thing you bought and ended up returning?
I can't even remember.

21. What perfume/cologne do you wear? If none, why?
None - it aggravates Rick's nose.  If I do, it is rare, but I have this roll on mini bottle of Stila stuff and I think the scent is called Peony.  I've had it for years so who knows how good it is.

22. Your favorite board game?
I prefer cards and that would be euchre. 

23. What was the last board game you played?
Marvel Monopoloy. 

24. Where did your vehicle come from?
Koons Chevy, Tysons Corner.

25. If a movie was made about your life what would the theme song be?
I have no idea, someone who knows music better than I do can pick one and tell me why.

26. You’re sad, who can cheer you up easily?
Ricky and Kelli.

27. What was the color of the bridesmaid dresses of the last wedding you went to?
Lilac/Periwinkle - it was my wedding and I had one bridesmaid.

28. What house cleaning chore do you hate to do the most?
I would have to say laundry.  That and swapping out clothes for seasons and pulling out old clothes of Ricky's that don't fit. 

29. What is your favorite way to eat chicken?
Either fried or chicken & noodles like my Grandma used to make.

30. It is your birthday. You hope the cake is?
I have never met a cake I didn't like but my only request is that it NOT be chocolate on chocolate.  I like chocolate but too much is just, ugh, too much. 


Daily Verses said...

I stole it! Oh yes I did. :-) And there is no such thing as too much chocolate in a cake. For shame!

Kris said...

I'm borrowing this since I am such a slacker and missed the last one you tagged me on. It could take me a month to fill it out, though. lol

Oh, and there is NEVER such thing as too much chocolate! ;)