Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Apparently all two of my blog readers are intrigued by my cakepop remark so here ya go. 

A cakeop is cake, in "pop" form, like lollipop form. You can find more about cakepops, like how to make them and stuff, on the Bakerella

I want to make the Elmo one pictured here for Ricky's party.  I hope Bakerella doesn't mind that I stole her pic.


See, now I HAVE to make them since I have announced to the world my two dedicated readers that I am making them.

Although I am trying to do them free of artificial red dye. You can stop with the laughter now. I bought some natural dye but I am concerned Elmo will be more Abby Cadabby pink or Telly fuschia.  I also have yet to find the magic white candies for Elmo's eyes so that might make him look a little odd also.  Ugh, the pressure!!!

In addition to Elmo, I'm also making Cookie Monster cupcakes.  See?  Kinda like these but minus the coconut and using a star tip and blue frosting. 

You may ask why.  Here's why.  I ordered a cake from Safeway last year.  Simple instructions included use red/blue/yellow, add some balloons and it should say Happy Birthday Ricky.  That's it.  Easy enough, right? 

I picked up the cake, had no other options since it was an hour before party time, and the balloons looked like they had diarrhea, the "strings" were the same color as the balloon, not black, and they were all squiggly.  There was this confetti looking crap sprinkled everywhere and it really just looked like the frosting bag exploded.  The edging was horrendous.  The penmanship, a 4 year old could have done better, it wasn't centered at all, it was a Cakewreck for sure.  Do they get people like right off the street to do this?  Is there ANY training or working alongside people.  WTF - where is quality control?  It was awful and I hated putting it out but it was all I had.  I was horribly embarrassed.  So I refuse to let someone else screw it up this time.  At least now, if they are awful, I have nobody to blame but myself.

And now, I might have to go to WalMart to find some stuff.  I hate that place. 


Heather said...

Those are all so cute - but they all look terribly time consuming.

I'm more of the ice cream cone cupcake myself - epitome of lazy but Delic!

Beth said...

where's the walmart near us? the one in fair lakes?

anyhoo, thanks for emailing me re: the cakepops. they are super cute. and i am super un-crafty so, um, giant it will be for adam's cake! unless you feel like making some extra cakepops for him? =) (just kidding).

i had a good experience at safeway for adam's cupcake-cake last year (pics are on the blog under "birthdays") but the cake from wegman's for his 1st birthday was a joke. i'm still annoyed about that!

glad to be a dedicated reader to your fabulous and funny blog. can't wait to meet you and the little man tomorrow night!

Nita said...

Beth - yes, Fair Lakes Walmart. I was in Sterling tonight and I went there and dude - it's a SUPER Walmart. It doesn't matter, the quest for Elmo's eyeballs still failed. BTW - I totally remember Adam's cupcake cake from last year, it was pretty cute.

Heather, do tell me about this ice cream cone cupcake.