Friday, March 5, 2010

Cakepop Update

Um, it didn't go so well.  Problems encountered include:
  • Cakepop didn't start out in perfect sphere shape.  I'm anal and this didn't sit well with me, but I forged on.
  • Cakepop was too big/heavy which meant it didn't really want to stay on the stick and started breaking apart.  The consistency was off from the beginning.
  • Red candy melts don't really look red, which was just weird.
  • I still never found the perfect candy for Elmo's eyes and that bugged me too.
  • Did you know that edible ink markers do not like to write on white chocolate chips?  Lesson learned.
  • Did you know that adding coloring to candy melts totally f's up the consistency and you have to put shortening (not oil - the white Crisco stuff) in to get it back?  I learned this the hard way too.
  • Candy melts consistency was way too thick and, um, just looked wrong.  Like Elmo was wearing a severely misshapen head.  It was just wrong.  Oh very wrong.

I'm posting this now so I don't have to dwell on this tomorrow. 

On the upside, the Cookie Monster cupcake turned out pretty well. Yay me.


Heather said...

Um, yeah, I'm gonna need to see photos.

Beth said...

I agree... need to see pics! CakeWrecks need them! =) Hey, you are seriously a Super Mama for even trying. For Real!

Glad the cupcakes turned out cute! I'm sure the party will go great tomorrow. Ricky is such a little charmer!!! =) Give him a big smooch from Adam and I!

Becki said...

I wouldn't even have attempted - you're already a domestic goddess in my book for trying!

KM said...

The cookie monster cupcakes ROCKED :) you did great!

Beth said...

Thanks for your comment!

Actually, our Doc did give Adam antibiotics TWICE when he didn't need them... once when they thought he had a staph infection (culture was negative) and once when they thought he had an upper. resp. inf. (but he had roseola -- an awful virus -- instead). So now *I* always question giving him the meds. At least he actually took the chidren's midol this time willingly -- said it tasted like a lollipop -- yay!

Are you able to come to his party next Tuesday 3/23? Would love to have you and Ricky! =)