Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow-pacalypse 2.0 Cometh **Update below**

Remember this?

This was taken on December 19.  This was Snowpocalypse 1.0. They say round 2 is coming tomorrow.  Schools are already closed.  Local government offices are already closed.  The Federal Government is on leave, although it would seriously kinda suck if their "leave" is forced vaca.

Right now, in our casa, we are prepped to "hunker down" and hibernate for a few days.  Telecommuting is definitely going to happen. Well, as much as it can happen when you have a toddler running amuck.

Ok, so it's snow.  No big deal.  WRONG!  Yesterday they said the snow would arrive mid afternoon and would be around 12-24".  Today, it's starting around 10am and they bumped up the accumulation to 18-24".   All I have to say is there darn well better be a minimum of 12" of snow on the ground by the end of the day Saturday.  Anything less than that and I will be uberly disappointed. They have created the expectations, I have stocked my pantry and fridge and I have days worth of toddler fun.  These meteorological people better deliver.

In case someone that isn't in the Washington DC area is reading this and you have no idea what the threat of snow does to Virginia, see the pics below.

Apparently onions are quite the hot commodity.

As are saltines, although I will admit that I do plan on 
making some chili and saltines are oh so yummy with chili.

Nary a gallon of milk in sight.  That's right, I said nary.  Did I use it correctly?

You would think it was like pandemic or something.  And the empty grocery stores are just the beginning.  The drivers who aren't used to snow.  Heaven help us because all you can really do is pray.

Stay tuned folks.  There are some pics coming.  You know the kind, the "Oh holy crap, look at all this snow" kind of pics.  Hopefully they are accompanied by some pics of an adorable toddler in snow gear but if the snow is as much as they say it is, maybe not. Like if I set him on the snow, will he just fall through it?  He's not lightweight, this guy of ours.

You're on the edge of your seat aren't you?

And from the horses mouth, says the following:

Are you eff'n kidding me?


Beth said...

oh my goodness... you crack me up!!! we have to meet!!! =) that was the best "panic in NoVa snow update" i've read!!!

living here my entire life, i have to say that is really is kinda CRAZY!!! the amount of snow we've gotten this year. and i'm LOVING IT.

by the way, if you have any cool tot activities, email me. adam gets pretty restless pretty darn quickly, being stuck in the snow. and he IS a lightweight!

have fun!!! can't wait to see the pics!!! =)

Andi said...

We Are preparing for the White Death here also...LOL we are suppose to have up to 12 inches by tomorrow nite. So we shall see!!

Heather said...

I'm so jealous! I love snow and all we have had is rain for days. Send some my way.