Monday, February 1, 2010


Tonight, Ricky and I went to CFA for dinner then headed to Party City to use my $10 off coupon for some much needed upcoming birthday party supplies.  Wonder whose birthday that could be, hmmm???

We come home.  Play play play.  Daddy decides to eat some yummy leftover fried chicken from last night.  My first time making fried chicken successfully. And they were drumsticks.  Those are hard to cook because they take for-ev-er and you just need to leave them the eff alone.

I had a point.  Ricky.  Dinner.  Yeah.  Here's how it went.  Ricky pulled him across the room - up up up!  Made him sit on the couch - down, down, down!  Then proceeded to beg - bite, bite, bite??

It was so funny. My son's pastime is bumming food.  Yes indeed.  And I couldn't be more proud.

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Heather said...

Yes, we have "mooches" in our house too!!

At first it is so cute...but now it is more like "really? can't I eat in peace?"

The answer is always a resounding NO...