Saturday, December 12, 2009

So far behind I don't even know where to start.

Yeah, so, um yeah.  Our tree isn't up yet.  Nothing Christmasy is in my house except a boatload of gifts for our spoiled child.

There's no particular reason the tree isn't up yet, it just isn't.  I have had a hard time getting in the mood to decorate, but I think that is just because I have to rearrange furniture and since the playroom used to be our "overflow" room for such furniture, we are kinda screwed now.  I guess I could scrunch some stuff in to a corner and figure something out.

Does anyone know where I got so much crap?  Also - interested in a chair?  I have one that needs a home for the holidays because it's just in my freakin' way.

The chair isn't the problem.  I am. I've just been lazy and succumbing to distractions *cough*Facebook*cough*. 

But seriously, it's going up this weekend.  The house is a disaster and we have a new tv stand to assemble tonight so we have our work cut out for us.  Maybe once the tree is up I will get baking.  I must bake.  I love to bake.  I neeeeeeeeeed the cookies. 

Someone tell me wtf I am doing writing a blog post when I should be doing stuff?  Ok - no more blogging until the house is ready. Then I can post pics.

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