Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blizzard-tastrophe 2009

Here in the DC area, we are in the midst of a bit of a blizzard.  Normally the weather folks out this way are way off and everyone freaks out and cancels school and the whole world stops for no good reason.  Today,  city offices have closed, universities have canceled final exams, performances have been rescheduled.  The world officially came to a grinding halt and rightfully so.  It has been snowing since around 7:30pm last night.  There is about 20" or more on the ground outside.  We have shoveled once, but only so we didn't have to use a snowboard to get off the porch.

Let me say, I love snow.  Love the stuff.  I love how it covers up all the ugly gray of winter.  It hides the brown ground, it adds some sparkle to the trees while they are sleeping for the season, it forces you to slow down, if not stop what you're doing.  I like that.

I however, did not like it last night when I was at the grocery store and the line at every register was 20 people deep.  But now I am set and I think I even have what I need for Christmas dinner.

All that said, I still didn't get my butt out in it today.  I chickened out and by the time I was ready to roll, it was like 30 minutes before nap time and Ricky was getting cranky.  Maybe tomorrow.

My car - buried.  Rick's car - hahahahaha - it must be SO buried, it's much smaller than mine. Ok - I have to give my kid a bath and figure out how to open the back door so I can get some snow off my deck.

Updated with pics.  I did not shovel the deck - fuhgettaboudit. It's brand new and has the most amazing support beams so it it can handle some snow.  Besides, I'm afraid if I disturb the snow, it will fall in to my house.  See the pic below.

All in all, I don't mind the snow.  It's been snowing for over 24 hours but I'm ok with that.  I still think it's pretty.

Out front, around 11:30 this morning.

Door to my deck - lots o' snow out back.

Grill.  No cover. Ruh roh...

Taken at 9pm.

My cool patio and horribly expensive shrubs. 

Rick's Car.  Ha. Not that mine is in any better shape.  
At least we can reach the roof of his car.

Later peeps.

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