Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

A disaster in my house.  I haven't wrapped a thing and I don't really care.  It will get done.  About half of the toys are going to be set up anyway.

I did however get my Christmas cards out but I think, I think, that one for one of my sisters did not have a stamp on it.  And just because of a massive brain fart I forgot to put another one in the mail for her. Ugh.  But I don't have any more of the card that I sent to her.  I have three card designs.

There are no ornaments on the tree.  I planned on putting some on, but I think that in hindsight it was probably the best decision.  Ricky is like a little tasmanian devil and surely would have pulled something off the tree.  I had time to do it but I didn't. I knew if I did it once he would take them off and it would be a neverending battle.  A good friend told me that ornaments are overrated anyway.  There are lights.  There is garland.  It's sparkly and that's ok for this year.

Right now, I am worried about my little man.  He is up in his crib trying to get some rest and all he is doing is coughing.  It's a new cough.  A different cough from your everyday sinus drainage/itchy throat cough.  We went to the Doc today and have a fresh prescription for Albuterol and some antibiotics for what appears to be something bronchitis like.  The albuterol treatments require a nebulizer/compressor and need to occur every four hours, even while he is sleeping.  They are interesting to say the least.

So I am going to focus on keeping my boy healthy.  You really would have no idea because he is in the best of spirits.  There is no fever.  He eats fine.  He runs just as fast, only stopping to cough.  I mean hack.

Ugh, he's coughing again.  It breaks my heart every time.

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Beth said...

Oh, Nita, your title and first line totally cracked me up. You have such a great sense of humor!

From the snow pictures on your blog, your Christmas tree looks beautiful -- ornament-less and all!

Sorry to hear about Ricky's cough. Adam just got over his... it was awful. I'm still hacking a bit... interesting that yours lasted 5 weeks... I think that's where I'm headed. I feel fine... except for the hacking. I'm glad that Ricky is in good spirits, at least!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to our future playdate in 2010! =)