Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not If, But When.

Over the past week I have had the.most.miserable.cold.  I'm not exactly sure how a viral cold turns in to a bacterial sinus infection that warrants antibiotics but whatever.  All I know is a after a couple days on the meds I feel a trillion times better.  The crud draining in to my throat causing the sore throat and hoarse voice is a whole lot better.  Ricky has also pretty much had a cold since the first week of daycare.  He is on his second round of antibiotics in a little over a month, which I am totally not excited about.  The only good thing is he doesn't have ear infections, he is just blowing snot all over the place.

Speaking of snot, Mucinex rocks.

Tuesday night I had a low grade fever but it went away quickly and never came back.  Now tonight Rick has a fever.  Speaking of Rick, he went to brush his teeth about 45 min ago and I haven't seen him since and he is supposed to be in bed resting.  Needless to say if he still has a fever in the AM off to the doc for a swabbing he goes.  Gotta see if it's the flu, right? 

Which brings me to my point.  I have went from wondering IF we are going to get H1N1 to WHEN are we going to get it.  None of us got the vaccine (yes - I am fully aware that I did not vaccinate my child against it and I am ok with that.)  Every little sneeze and sniffle, every little cough, every low grade fever, they all have new meaning this year. 

Now if only I could get my employer to put out those little foaming hand sanitzer dispensers at the entrance of the building and near the elevators.  I mean, even Potbelly's has them. 

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Michelle Lynn said...

Yep. Me too. Just wondering when.