Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Keep Swimming.

I like the water, especially on a hot summer day. Only thing is we don't have a neighborhood pool. I have been trying to sublet a membership from a neighboring community so we have someplace to go, but the prices are a little spendy. If I were a SAHM I would probably consider spending that kind of money. To go a couple times a month, no way, not spending several hundred dollars a season. That's just not happening.

So when a friend invited us out for lunch and some time at their neighborhood pool, I jumped at the chance. Ricky and I packed up and headed out this morning. They have a really cool toddler pool that is about 16" deep and just the right size.

I totally dragged way too much crap with me. Why did I think I needed a beach ball when the water is plenty enough to keep him entertained? I also picked up a little floaty for him to ride in, thinking I would push him around. His feet reached the bottom of the pool when he was in this thing. It was useless, but it was only $4 or so, not like I expected quality.

The whole point of that last part was that I didn't need any of that crap.

Back to the pool.

Ricky was a little apprehensive at first but climbed in and walked around. He liked the action of climbing in and out of the pool over and over more than the water itself. He did end up with his face under water a couple of times, but he took it all in stride. I, on the other hand, got a little antsy. Seeing your little one, go face first in to the water like that, it will scare the crap out of you. Fortunately he recovered very quickly, even knew to stand up. It was just more of a shock to both of us.

Oh, and I totally forgot to take my camera. Yeah, way to go Mom.

It was a good day peeps. A good day.

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