Thursday, July 30, 2009

Power of the Blog.

I posted about lack of a pool. Shortly after, I was invited by a local fellow blogger to go hang at her neighborhood pool. How cool is that?

And don't go thinking she is all stalkery or something like that. I am quite certain she is lovely. Besides, it's a big community pool. And if she is all stalkery and weird, there will be plenty of witnesses.

Watch out Beth - here we come. Oh - and Happy Birthday!


Beth said...

Hey.... thanks for the shout-out and birthday wishes! =) No, I'm not stalk-y (is that a word?); I promise! I just hung out with the "Chez Perky" Mama for the 2nd time on Sunday so she can attest to that! Can't wait to meet you & your little cutie pie on Saturday!

Ms. Perky said...

She's not stalkery - I know Beth and can attest to her non-stalkery-ness.

Nita said...

I figured she was pretty cool when I sent my FB friend request and saw that Karen and Jess were both friends with her. :)

Yay - can't wait!

Beth said...

Funny reading comments about me and my non-stalkery ways! =)

Anyhoo, Adam still has a runny nose (grr) but seems to be on the mend. Do you want to plan a pooldate for this weekend? Send me an email if you guys are free!