Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Sippy Cup!

Ricky can finally drink through a straw. In the past, he has just tried to chew the straw.

This might not seem like a big deal to someone else, but for me, this is monumental. Mostly because sometimes, someone (meaning me) forgets to bring a sippy cup when we go out to dinner and we go out probably twice a week. This means we have to hold the cup up to him and let him try to sip out of it. That just ends up in a big wet mess. Being able to use a straw, well that fixes that little problem.

*Ahem* I won't go in to how many sippy cups have been left behind at restaurants.

I initally tried a straw type sippy cup way back when we started sippy cups. Dude, those things suck. I would suck out my brain before I would get a drop out of that thing. Aside from that, they were just being a big pain in the butt to clean. There were way too many part to those things.

I was at Giant a couple weeks ago and noticed that Starbucks had itty bitty shotglass size disposable cups and mini straws, about 4" long, that they used to sample smoothies and fraps. I snatched up a couple (ok, they were given to me.) I was hoping the mini straws would be the key. Ricky has tried to suck through a straw before but the straw was so long that he gave up before the milk/juice/water got to him. Well, it looks like the mini straw did the trick. We even tested again tonight at Chick Fil A with a juice box. Woot! The boy has figured out the sucking through the straw trick.

So yeah, maybe not a big feat to some of you out there. But in this house, HUGE.

Wow - my boy is growing up so fast. I can't call him my baby any more. He is my kid.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about another.

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