Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Schedule Mommy?

Saturday night, we arrived, Pork Chop didn't go to sleep until 11.
Sunday night, after a family filled day, Pork Chop didn't go to sleep until 10.
Monday night, after a family/shopping/Cheesecake Factory filled day, Pork Chop didn't go to sleep until 9:30.
Tonight - 10 something. And this was after the park AND zoo!

I give up. It's out the window on this trip. He is sleeping in a PNP in the hotel room where we are staying. He has no problem sleeping in a PNP, he sleeps in it all the time at daycare. We can't very well turn the lights off and sit in the dark so we normally leave the tv on turned down very low with all the lights out. He still stands in the thing just jabbering away. It's pretty funny. He lays down when he gets tired and goes to sleep. It'll be ok.

Tomorrow, home. Making the drive all alone. I am not worried about how he will be in the car, he has never been a problem in his carseat. Besides, I have a DVD player in the car.

But what do I do when I have to go pee? My kid - refuses to sit on my lap. REFUSES. The king of Squirm, I tell ya. So that leaves the alternative of letting him stand next to me, in the public bathroom. Nah - surely he wouldn't try to crawl under the door.

Can you say gross and ewww at the same time?

I guess I can always squat on the side of the freeway, but darnit, I forgot my training potty. I know the route to home from here. I know it well. I know where the cleanest bathrooms are. It'll be ok.

Thank god for alcohol filled Pampers baby wipes.

Oh yeah, there are many pics from this week too, they will be posted sometime this weekend when I have time to go through them all. Prepare for grain - it is plentiful.

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