Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Times.

Last Saturday - we ventured westward. Only as far west as Ohio, but still west of where we are.

We arrived on Saturday evening, but Sunday we were doing a family dinner with my family. Of course, we were running late, but it was all due to one little guy who didn't go to sleep until 11pm on Saturday, which meant he needed a super long nap on Sunday. We all did. So we headed over to Grandma's to see her, my Mom, a sister and 3 of my nephews. Gosh - when did they all get so big? It seems like yesterday I was in the delivery room when they were born. The oldest is going to graduate from High School in 2 weeks. Anyway, dinner was a success, the food was awesome and home cooked, just like I like it. Which reminds me, Kroger had sweet corn on sale for like 18 cents an ear and I meant to pick some up - dang! Why can't I ever score deals like that in Northern VA?

Monday we rolled by Andi's office. Many of her colleagues are lurkers of my blog, they just never comment. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they did comment. Insert me basically telling them - feel free to go ahead and comment right here. I might even read them to Ricky. :) Anyway, we hit her office. Then we hit my old office and Ricky saw all sorts of people and had all kinds of smiles coming his way. Then we headed to Grandma's house for a nap (which never happened) and had a nice visit with her. Back to the hotel to pick up Daddy and off to the mall we went. I scored 2 OSU jerseys for our little guy and a basketball outfit, all for $10 a piece.

Tuesday was a great day. We got up, had our breakfast then headed out to a local toddler park. Off to pick up Miss Andi then we just drove hoping to induce a nap (totally worked), then met up with a "virtual" friend for lunch. After that, Andi, Becki and her little gal Maggie, and I, we all met up with another virtual friend, Sonja, at the Columbus Zoo. It was so great to finally meet these ladies. We were planning on getting together a couple months ago but things just never worked out. Back to the zoo, it was a great time. The weather was perfect. Sonja's boy, Jake, he just loved the animals. Andi was great, she made sure to point out every one. They have tons of animal sculptures to climb on and all of the kids really enjoyed those more than any of the live animals.

Wednesday morning we headed back to Grandma's for a little more of a visit then Ricky and I were headed home that afternoon. I figured driving in to the evening, during his bedtime, would be best. I didn't want the little guy to spend all of his waking hours in a carseat. About an hour after we were on the road he was out like a light and stayed that way for at least 3 hours - until we reached Cumberland, MD. Did I mention it rained the It really did. It sucked. But, it made me love my car even more. My Escape never handled this well in the rain and through the hills and curves.

Someday I will write an ode to to my car. But not today.

Today - today I am taking a break. I started this post like 3 days ago (maybe 2) but after being on the go non-stop then heading straight back to work, a break is indeed well deserved.

But I still have gobs of laundry to do. Ick.

Here's a slideshow of a couple pics from the trip. Nope - no music. YouTube gets cranky about that ya know.

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