Sunday, May 10, 2009

His First Haircut

It was out of control, his hair. It needed trimmed. Bad. I have been chicken about making this decision, but it was time, his hair needed cut.

Ricky is a sweater. He runs nonstop, I'm sure you've heard me mention it before. This means he sweats. A lot. His head gets so sweaty, just grosses me out. Also the hair was coming down over his ears. He messed with his ears, quite a bit in my opinion. I don't know if it is his hair bugging him and kinda making his ears twitch or if his actual ear is bugging him. They have been checked every time we are at the Doc and he never has a fever, so I think maybe the hair was just kinda itchy on his ear or something, kinda like a bug flying around your head....maybe.

I probably lost you there.

Anyway, the hair. It needed cut. It was just looking nappy and matted and frizzy (yes, that is MY hair), I couldn't handle it. I thought I would have this mixed race kid with a ton of curls that were tightly wound and I could just get out the clippers and clean it up every once in a while, but nope. No such luck. Kinda like the little boy in this pic. Ok, that's the last time I am going to say that.

Yesterday, we headed over to Cartoon Cuts. They have toys and tv's playing videos and everything. He was a bit squirmy at first, but after they pulled out a toy for him he settled down. Irene went to work on his hair, cleaned it up around his ears and he even sat still long enough for her to use the clippers and clean up on his neck and around the ears.

And then, I almost wept. My boy. My baby boy is gone. He is a little man now. *Sniff*.

Hey lady....whatcha got there?? You're going to do WHAT with those?
From First Haircut

Maybe if I pray realllllly hard, she will stop this madness!
From First Haircut

I am really not in the mood for an after pic Ma, get over it.
From First Haircut

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Heather said...

GAH! Those hands! CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

He is growing up so fast!