Saturday, May 16, 2009

Small Talk.

Pork Chop babbles. A lot. Incoherently of course. Blah blah blah, grrr grrr grrr, nnnn nnnn nnnn, bwah and so on. He says Mamama and Dadada and has been for a while. But the actual talking - not so much.

It's hard ya know. It's hard to not compare your kid to other kids his age. In my heart I know that every.kid. is. different. Yes, I repeat this to myself each and every day. I said it to myself when my friend was here in February with her son, who is about 7 weeks older than Ricky, as he expertly stacked cups, blocks, etc. As he opened the books to look at the pictures and didn't think it was a chew toy. I really try not to when I see videos of others kids online, a couple months older than Ricky, just chattering away. Saying full sentences. Of course, I have to compare him to the kid that has 30 words at 14 mos. This is well above what is generally expected for this age. So - not only do I find it hard not to compare him, but I compare him to the brightest kid in the universe. Slow your roll Ma.

I have even toyed with contacting Early Intervention and getting an assessment. It wouldn't hurt and it would give me peace of mind. Then I thought some more, and talked to some very wise Mamas, and was assured that this is perfectly normal. I also tell myself that Ricky is so developed physically, the other stuff is just catching up. But still, that little voice in the back of my mind. I wish there were a way to quiet that tiny (growing louder as each day passes) voice.

He waves and I hear him saying things while he does stuff. Like going to his high chair, babbling when I bring him his sippy cup, playing with his ball/car/ride on toy/book. So I know the wheels are turning, it's just a matter of them being recognizable to us.

Then today I pick him up at daycare. He is running non stop of course - he never wants to leave because he has tons of space to just run and run. I am preparing myself for a "talking to" by my daycare provider. She has very good intentions and I know she has Ricky's best interest at heart, but some of the things she has said out of concern can be upsetting. Gosh - such a sensitive Mommy I have turned out to be.

So, picking up Pork Chop at daycare, chasing him down, making sure he has his shoes on, and grabbing the diaper bag - the standard. Then daycare provider's Mom says "Bye Bye Ricky" and waves. He waved.

And then, clear as can be, he said "Bye!"

I jumped up and down I was so happy.

Then he started to applaud for himself.

My son is a goofball. But, he is a TALKING goofball with at least one recognizable word that can be used in conversation.

Also, I am secretly glad that the first real word was not "No".


Misty said...

You are SO coming with me to the next mom's group thing. Ricky is RIGHT on target - that's what all the kids in the group are doing, and some are even older than him. I've not heard what someone could say was a legit pair of words together from a one of them! :)

Heather said...

Just keep reciting your mantra.

I find myself already getting worked up some days about K's development. I have to tell myself to chill out too. Just because another kid is doing or a book says she should be doing something doesn't mean she will and she is doing other things...they are all different. I think Porkchop is fantastic!

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

That is awesome! I think he is doing great too. They are all different. I marveled at the way he climbed all by himself at your house. It's been months, and I still can't get CC to go climb his slide thing by himself. Or go down without holding my hand.

Amy said...

I know how hard it is not to compare but they all develop differently. I was jealous of Ricky walking so early when it took Carter 13 months.