Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Whatever I do, Ricky does. Whatever Daddy does, Ricky really does.

Daddy dances, Ricky tries to dance. Daddy puts his glasses on, Ricky tries to put his sunglasses on without poking himself in the eye. Daddy eats, Ricky eats.

But what is even cooler, Ricky is starting to mimic our sounds. We haven't heard "Bye" again, but what we have heard is:

"Uh oh!" But it comes out more like Uh-eee or Uh-ooh!!
"Hi-yah!" Kinda like the karate chop sound. We do this when we wipe his nose.

I am trying to get him to say Ta-Da after he flips backwards off my lap. You know, put his arms up in the air and go Ta-da! But so far, I have kinda gotten a "Da!" and never with the arms. I guess that might be a bit fancy for his tastes ya know, arms flailing and such.

I know, I know - video would rock. I'm working on it. He just has a nasty cold and has been covered in snot and I prefer to not post snotty videos of my kid.

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