Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Week?

Has it been a week? I guess it has. A little more than a week actually.

What's happening down this way? Pork Chop - he's a climber. He climbs up on his little chair to see over the kitchen counter. He climbs his Kangaroo Climber - yes, I am aware that Climber is in the title - but he climbs it then takes a dive off the side. Most of the time he lands on me or Rick, once or twice though, he has kinda just rolled down the side of it and scared himself. And then there's the time that he climbed on the Little People Racin' Ramps Garage. Did you know that those ramps, they are just the right height for climbing? He was totally standing on top of it the other day. Then he climbed on his Little Einstein Rocket so he could reach the top of the Learn & Groove music table which would enable him to climb on top of the Ikea Trofast storage bin. Awesome right? Not quite. Oy.

Wow - check out all those product name drops. Now, even you can have my playroom.

Back to Pork Chop.

He is still saying lots of Dadadada. There are lots of Mmmmms and mamamamas in there but mostly I hear it when I have food for him so I don't know if he means Mama or Mmmmm, gimme food. Yesterday we went to Costco and the samples - omg. I thought he was going to die if he didn't get one NOW. I think he is more motivated by food than any dog I have ever owned.

And he is strong. Ok, I think he is strong. But when Alice (daycare provider extraordinaire) says he is strong, she has been doing this for 17 yrs, I figure she knows what she is talking about. Today, I picked him up. There were 2 little girls in the hallway (Emma & Annette - Ricky chases them all day long). So, these girls, they were standing there. Ricky wanted to get down the hallway. He basically bowled right over/through them. These girls are like 3 years old and he just shoved them out of the way. So, I tell myself he is a linebacker. But could he, possibly be THAT kid? The kid that pushes? It isn't his natural inclination because he really is a rather laid back kid, but he is strong. So what do I do to help him understand how strong he is and that he can do more damage than other kids?

Wow. I guess I am supposed to be the parent now, right? I suppose that means I should stop laughing and smiling when he does these things.

Gotta run. It's time for me to be a Parent.

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