Sunday, April 5, 2009

Since 4:18 am

I have been up. Can we say Ick with a capital ICK?

It all started yesterday. We went outside for a bit to enjoy the nice weather. Walked around the playground, swung on the swing, slid down the slide. It was a good day.

Fast forward to bedtime. I normally go to bed before Rick so I have my monitor turned down all the way. Rick is up, he takes care of him if Ricky wakes. So Rick comes to bed and normally I wake up when he does, but I didn't. Which means I didn't turn my monitor up and when Ricky did wake up around 4:10 or whenever, I didn't hear him. Which of course means that by the time I did hear him and get to him, he was pretty upset.

His nose, his whole face, was covered in snot. Poor guy was so stuffed up, I am beginning to suspect he has some allergy issues because this often happens when we have been outside during the day. We all know how hard it is to sleep with a stuffy nose. So I rubbed some baby Vaop Rub on his chest and sucked out his nose (which ticked him off even more). Then we rocked and sang and things mellowed out. Back to bed he went. Yay.

3 minutes later, he was back with a vengeance. I brought him down to the family room, thinking he could sleep easier if he was kinda upright and then we would just sit in the recliner and go back to sleep. No go. I tried some Baby Einstein videos. No go. By 6am I gave up and just took him to the playroom. Immediately he started banging on pans. They know this is the very last thing you want to hear first thing in the morning, right? He was wide awake, and very happy about it. Little punk (I say that with love, I really do!)

Around 7am we had some yogurt and bananas. Life is good. Big poo around 7:45 am. Woohoo. At 8am, he went down for his morning nap. Gah - that is normally what time he wakes up!!

And then Mommy went down for her morning nap. We both slept til around 11:45. That was good.

And later today, I am going to get a hair cut. And some Starbucks. Yay.

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Heather said...

I don't know how to "ping" and I didn't see an email address on your blog...but I um, triplets you say? Hmmm