Friday, April 10, 2009

Hanging with 5 Little Monkeys

That's where we've been all week. Hanging out with Jess and her 5 (not so) little monkeys.

When my daycare provider told me last month that she was taking this week off to take her daughter on some college tours, I was beside myself. Not having family in the area, we don't really have a backup for daycare. In the past we have just taken turns taking time off or we would work from home. Since Ricky is older and more demanding of our time, working from home isn't always the easiest thing. I was telling Jess one evening about our dilemma and she graciously offered to watch Ricky for me. Had she been here in person, I probably would have wept at her feet.

Monday we had covered so on Monday evening, I headed out to Winchester and to the Casa Redden. Oh yeah, she lives like an hour away. Nice commute for me in the morning but I work with her husband so I figure if he does it every day, I can do it. Traffic wasn't bad, as long as you wake with the chickens. I don't care to wake with the chickens. I am not a morning person.

Jessica though, I am just so lucky and blessed to have such a great friend. It really was nice to just get up in the morning and not have to even wake Ricky to get him dressed to drag to daycare. I just let him sleep. He had 5 other kids to play with. Other than diapers, his blankies, some clothes and binkys, I didn't have to take a single thing with me, not even a sippy cup. Ricky had a great time. He got fed, went on a couple road trips and did a bit of shopping. Overall it was just an awesome few days. I was even fortunate enough to enjoy some of Jess' awesome cooking. Pork tenderloin tastes goooooood.

And now, we're home. We had a great time at Jess and Ricky slept ok, but I have to say, there is no place like home.


Daily Verses said...

That is so sweet of Jess! What a great friend. I'm glad you and Ricky had a nice week.

Jessica said...

We wouldn't have had it any other way :) After all, what are friends for?

Beautifully Unique said...

How awesome it is to have such great friends!

Sonja said...

what a great friend!!!