Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Way Overdue Birthday Party Post

Yes, this post is indeed way overdue.

Ricky turned One on March 6. I wasn't ready for a party for him on the 7th, which is the weekend of his birthday so it was pushed to March 14th. It worked out perfectly on this date because it turned out quite a few folks had plans the weekend before. And being the lame Mom that I am, I screwed around too long and never got actual paper invites so E-vites were sent out a mere 3 weeks before.

Before I get to the party, I must give a HUGE thanks to a very close friend, Jessica. She came over on Friday night before the party and watched our little Pork Chop so Mom and Dad could have a much needed and deserved date. We haven't been out alone since before he was born - that is a YEAR folks! The deal we made was I got to pick the restaurant, he got to pick the movie. All I'm gonna say is that a decadent and heavy meal, like those served at Ruth's Chris, is way too heavy to eat before the longest movie in creation, The Watchmen. It doesn't matter though, we enjoyed each others company and had a nice evening.

I failed to mention that Jess also kicked herself, and me somewhat, in to high gear on Friday afternoon to get the playroom ready for other kids and the layout is much more kid (and Mom) friendly now.

So, the big event - the party! I have never hosted a party for a 1yo before. It was cool. It was small. You don't want to freak the kid out. And we all know what over-stimulation can do to a kid. So a few friends, a few kids, some bad for you food and a little bit of hanging out. It was nice. Ricky had fun. He scored some loot. Had some more cake. I had more cake. The kids had cake. The kids played. The kids ran. The kids cried. The kids got hugged and kissed. It really was a good day. Ricky had a sugar crash and slept very well for his late afternoon nap that day. It wasn't so big that I had to spend forever cleaning up. Overall, I had a great time. We got some good pics. Well, other folks got some good pics and I just stole them.
The awesomeness of the re-organized playroom. I picked up a
kitchen off Craigslist. Ricky is intrigued by the microwave.

Party People in the house!!!

"I don't wanna wear the stupid hat!!!" He actually didn't mind the hat at all.
I have no idea what the frown was all about.

"Mmmmm, cake!" See how he is sweating? He works on his cake!

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"I'm good, I had my cake. I'm spent. Thanks for stopping by!"


Heather said...

That frown picture is so pitiful!
The last photo is just BEAUTIFUL! I love it!!

Andi said...

Love the pictures!! He looks so sad with the frown.. See ya in a couple of weeks!