Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love em, I really do. I don't care if diapers cost like $1 more per box. They arrive on my doorstep and I know I won't need diapers for at least a month. I am cool with that. Oh, and they ship for free if you spend $49. It isn't like the diapers aren't going to get used so I may as well, right?

There are a couple things that do bug me about though. First - their price on baby wipes is insane. The same $15 box of wipes from them is $11 at Target or Walmart. That's a big difference. Also, I don't like the whole having to mail my coupons to them in order to use them. In this day and age of doing everything electronically, there should be some way I can scan them or something.

The biggest issue I have with them - STOP spamming me and pimping $10 off each order. You only get that for your FIRST order. I even created a different account, had them shipped to a different address (we were traveling, why take diapers with when they can be delivered, right?). was wise to my game and told me to suck it. That made go GRRRR!!!

So while I probably will continue to buy from them, because they are just so convenient, I don't think I will buy from them 100% of the time. Also, I have some new coupon clipping inspiration and have been doing a bit of research on how to stretch a buck so their days, well they might just be numbered. Plus there is the tiny bit of Mother Earth in me that feels guilty for making UPS drive all the way to my house when I am already at the store, fuel emissions and stuff ya know.

So, while they have their downfalls at times, I would highly recommend them. It's just too dang convenient. And easy. And 2 day shipping!

So to you. Sorta. Kinda. Ok, maybe not. Not just yet anyway.

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Jessica said...

We used to get quite a haul from I found it ingeniusly helpful that my diapers were just "there". Especially when the babies were all little. Now that we're slowly phasing that out, it's easier to let it slide and run out of them... I've definitely made a few late night runs to the local grocery for a pack of diapers. BUT! Not without a handful of coupons to save a buck or two!