Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor Blog

Poor, poor blog. You are being neglected. I can't help it, it's all Facebook's fault. If you haven't made your way over to FB (that's what those on Facebook call it) yet, then well, get your butt movin'!

I have friends on there, former classmates from high school (check out my profile photo - oh the hair!), colleagues - past and present, pretty much anyone you can imagine. You can share pics, videos, links, little one liner status updates. It's just simply fab. I *big read puffy heart* Facebook.

In other news, well things are just rolling right along. Ricky is a walking & eating fool. I think he is trying to get rid of his second nap lately. His am nap, which starts anywhere between 10 & 11am, often times lasts for 3 hours. At least when he is home it does. His nap schedule at daycare is a little different, earlier and shorter. So here is it, almost 2pm and he has been asleep since around 11. He didn't get up until 8am today, I was very thankful! I can even get him to manage a nap later in the afternoon around 4:30pm - I know, I'm crazy, but if he doesn't get a second nap he is way whiny from 6pm on. He wakes up from his late nap around 6pm, eats dinner a bit later, plays a bit, then back to bed for the night around 8pm, sometimes on bath night it runs a little bit later but never past 8:30pm.

Speaking of sleeping, he has been sleeping through the night about 75% of the time. We never did the "Cry It Out" for his middle of the night feeding because it wasn't at like 2 or 3 am. When he was itty bitty, there were 2 feedings, midnight and 4am. We did CIO on the 4am one, but the first one (which is on Rick's shift), we just never did CIO. Rick is always awake around 12am and he never minded having Daddy time with Ricky. Well, our little guy, with some help from a slightly later dinner, has been sleeping through the night from 8pm to around 7am a good bit of the time.

So see, not a whole lot going on. Eating, sleeping, walking, playing, yada yada yada. Not a whole lot of interesting stuff to write about, but tons of cuteness so expect more videos than in the past.

But if you're looking for me, you can always find me on FB.


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