Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Chili Outside.

When it's this cold, there is one thing that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Chili. I love chili. It reminds me of home and my Mom and the yummy smells that she would always have coming from her kitchen. Plus my pal Amy made some kick a$$ chili last week and she inspired me to make some. It's easy and I haven't made it in a while. And I won't need to cook or make lunch tomorrow.

I also made it so Ricky could try some. He had a couple bites of black beans last week at Amy's and loved it. I figured why not, right? I added some chili juice, ground turkey and a handful of beans (3 kinds because I'm cool!) to some leftover macaroni. He thought it was the most awesomest thing ever. He even told me that it tastes even better with Jiffy cornbread. Fingers crossed that there are no blowouts tonight.

On the food front, Ricky will eat pretty much anything. I know that I have weird food hangups but am really trying hard to not pass this on so I am giving him whatever we have for dinner. Also I am so not wanting to get in the habit of making chicken nuggets for dinner every night. He has had chili, pot roast, rice, taters, all sorts of veggies, Five Guys, a hot dog (just once - another bad habit I do NOT want to get in to), on and on I could go. He has ate pretty much all of it with the exception of rice. He could care less for rice - I tried 3 times but will try again maybe next week. Rick is somewhat disturbed by this since he loves rice. Once again raising the question "Are you sure he isn't the mailman's baby?" Considering that the mailman is Korean, yeah, he is indeed yours.

And the walking (across an entire room unassisted now), the running (with assistance), the back arching (he is boycotting the carseat and making it nearly impossible to get him in to the thing), the curiosity - especially since he has this new "view" of everything. It's just non stop fun around here.

Would you like proof of the fun? Well, we couldn't possibly laugh this much if we weren't having fun, right?

Sorry for the Blair Witch vibe.

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Abby*Lane said...

What a cutie!!

You said Five Guys. Darn you. We don't have one here. LOL

I agree on the feed them whatever you eat. I did that only with my last 2 kids. And those 2 kids.... will eat anything not stapled to the floor now. LOL!!