Monday, February 2, 2009

Home and Stuff....

Wow - has it really been a week since I posted? Gah, sorry. But in my defense, it was a busy week. Work has really been picking up. I really like to play with Ricky in the evenings. I also went out of town this weekend so I was doing the regular picking up around the house, catching up on laundry and whatever else so I wouldn't have to deal with this stuff when I get home.

I am currently in Ohio visiting my Grandmother. She is 90 and God willing, she will be with us this summer for her 91st birthday. I am just really wanting to spend some time with her while we still have her around, know what I mean folks. You never know when something will happen, when someone will be taken from you. Life is just too precious and too short. She had a fall earlier this month and while she didn't break her hip, it kinda opened my eyes to just how anything could happen in an instant. After checking with the Honey and making sure it was all go, I booked a flight.

We haven't done anything spectacular, just enjoyed each other's company. I arrived Friday night and just hung out. Saturday she had a couple errands to run and we did lunch, some more running around, and dinner. Dinner was at Smokey Bones, and it was YUMMY. Very yummy indeed. Sunday is a big church day for her and I had lunch with my BFF - who normally lives in Vegas but was in town this weekend - so I let Grandma get some rest this afternoon between the morning and evening service. This evening, of course we watched some Super Bowl and just talked.

I also had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with my great nephew (or is it grand nephew, I really need help with this). His name is Kaedyn, I think I got the spelling correct. Isn't he darling? He is all smiles and has the cutest dimples ever! Well...behind Ricky of course.

Tomorrow....leaving on a jet plane to go home and see my boys. Man, did I miss them.

And yes folks, Rick is at home with Ricky. Alone. *Gasp* All I left were a few notes about food. And I am quite certain he didn't even need my little notes. Gosh, we women sure do get paranoid about this stuff. Everyone seems so surprised by "the baby is at home with his Dad." Seriously, it is fine, I swear. I went to pick up my BFF today at her sister's place and her sister said this to her BIL "Yeah....the baby is at home....with DAD! His DAD is taking care of him." I'm not quite certain what message Karri was trying to convey to her husband with that sentence, but I think I can safely assume that such events most likely didn't happen when their children were itty bitty.

So anyway.....

Grandma and I have just had a grand ol' time visiting with each other. She is completely fascinated by the internet and everyone's fixation with their computers. She also keeps trying to give me stuff. I think that's something people do when they get old, try to give their stuff away, so there is less to worry about after they are gone. My Ex's Grandmother was the same way. It leaves me feeling horribly uncomfortable but every once in a while I will take her up on her offer and accept a random brooch or something. If that is all it takes to give her a little peace of mind, then I can certainly accommodate that request.

After all ,she has been here for 90 years. Hasn't she earned the right to have a little peace of mind?

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A Buns Life said...

I'm so glad you got a nice quality visit in...that is soooo important!