Monday, December 1, 2008

Now I'm Pi$$ed!

Are you kidding me? AIG execs are getting 30 mil in bonuses? They tried to hide it under the cover of the Thanksgiving holiday?

I know our government is busy and all, but are you telling me we gave these jerks all this money with no guidelines, no repercussions if they go back on their word?


I am even more irked that I felt compelled to post this, thus taking my new car post from the top spot on my blog. Grrrrr!

Edited to add:

Ok, the CEO of Ford said he will work for $1/yr for the next few years if they can get bailout cash from the gov't. In addition, they are eliminating bonuses and merit increases for all employees in 2009. You would think that AIG could take a clue - right?

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