Friday, December 5, 2008

Freaking Cold.

No...not the weather. The cold in my head. I have been stuffed up for weeks now, since returning from Cali.

The good news is that Ricky was able to beat his cold in like 2 weeks. I have been fighting this thing for a month. I don't think it is a sinus infection, I haven't had any sinus headaches. sucks. My nose is all stuffy. My head is all stuffy. I have had repeat sneezing fits with stuff flying out of my nose that you definitely don't want to see. Sometimes my ears have popped. The folks at work keep "blessing me" after my sneezes but I have just taken to telling them to hold off after the first one. It might be a while.

And you really don't want to shake my hand. I have been washing them like crazy. They are dry and chapped and when I put antibacterial gel on, it burns.

This cold sucks.


Luanne said...

I hope you feel better soon! If the nasty stuff coming out has a green color to it, that usually means infection. So even if you may not feel like you have a sinus infection, you just might. Just a little piece of assvice that ya didn't even ask for :)

Nita said...

There has been a bit of green but not consistently which is why I haven't been to the doc. I was thinking maybe a bit of a sinus infection but I haven't had any sinus headaches or pressure. Just ponytail headaches from being too lazy to do anything with my hair.

wildwesthome said...

Yuck-o. Sorry you're dealing with all that. I have no advice to give, just some empathy :(