Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nine Months!

My boy is 9 months old today. My oh my. So much has happened in the past nine months. If you want to know all the details, well you will just have to read the blog back to March 6, 2008. Otherwise here is the update as far as how things are going now.

Teeth - he has FIVE of 'em. Four on bottom and I just noticed the first top one last night. I knew it was coming, he has been chewing everything in sight. Last week he was even trying to chew on my jeans.

And you know what - all these teeth make for great eating. He has been eating everything in sight. Avocado used to be a favorite and now I think he is kinda over them. Sometimes we try utensils. He does pretty well, but the spoon is so deep and when he tilts it forward to get it out of his mouth he has a problem actually getting the food off the spoon. Well that and realizing he should be taking the spoon out of his mouth altogether. What do you mean this isn't something for me to chew on - I have all these teeth Mom. I NEED something to chew on (because the zillion toys isn't enough I guess).

Yum! This self feeding thing isn't so bad. I bet I can chew on this and bang it too!

Cruising, yes he is. We have these Ikea storage benches in his playroom. The bench is just the right height for him to pull himself up and be able to take things off the top. He has also figured out how to pull out the bins. Some bins have clothes, some are empty, some have TOYS! He definitely knows where the toy one is. Just last night I caught him digging in the toy bin.

The only problem with this bench is of course - the corners. He fell last week and didn't hit the corner but hit one of the center supports and gave himself a little bit of a black eye. Oh well - he's a boy, there is certainly more of that to come. I did buy some corner guards but they weren't of the best quality, the came off, they were useless. I think I will go to Right Start sometime this week. They always have knowledgeable people and great recommendations.

What else has my boy figured out....oh yeah, how to unplug things. We have a couple chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, with cords that go down the wall. We have a toy bin/basket in front of the outlet and it is in the corner near the tv which has a gate in front of it, but the outlet isn't completly behind the gate - kinda near the edge of where the gate hits the wall. I normally put a big fluffy blanket on top of the toy bin so he can't even see the outlet so he won't be tempted. Oh...he knows it is there. He pulls off the blanket, it able to scoot the bin and has unplugged it on a few occasions. We have some shuffling to do with the tv (a new flat screen to mount on the wall in here) so we will be able to reconfigure how things are set up and definitely take care of the cord thing somehow. I think once the tv is up, we can move the Ikea benches in front of the outlet and he definitely can't move those. It is a full time job keeping this one out of stuff.

Who me? No Mommy, I don't know what you're talking about.
(he says as he is caught with evidence in hand!)

Oh - and the bouncing. Just last night we were winding down with the Baby Newton Discovering Shapes video. They have these dancing crayons. Ricky LOVES the dancing crayons. When the song came on, I noticed our boy kinda bopping up and down - he was dancing to the music. It was just about the cutest thing you will ever see. You will have to take my word on this - the camera battery was dead so no video.

And today - we saw Santa. Nine month old + Santa = not so good. Ricky didn't scream or anything but he was definitely not in to it. He looks like a deer in headlights, but hey - First Christmas and all. You can't not have a Santa pic. So s miserable as my poor guy looks, I will share it anyway. We are headed to Ohio the week before Christmas, maybe we will try again - depending on his mood.

Can somebody please help me? This guy is weird and he smells like reindeer food.

Whew - I'm tired just thinking about all the things he can do now. This week, I also realized I will pretty much be tired for the rest of my life. Yay. But it is so totally worth it. I wouldn't trade all the sleep I could every want or need for my guy. Nope - no way.


Andi said...

Sounds like you all have been having lots of fun with all the new things he can do now!! Yay You will be here soon!!

Daily Verses said...

Happy 9 months! His mobility will change your life. Yeah, you will be tired, but it is so amazing to watch your little baby develop and learn new skills.