Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nine Month Checkup

Wow - my kid is big. I say that like I didn't already know this. His stats are:

Weight - 25 lbs 11 oz - 97th percentile. And you wonder why we call him Piglet.
Height - 29" - 70th percentile
Head Circumference - 19" (I think) It's still big. It's "officially" big.

We were given the go ahead to enjoy most things table food, in appropriately sized bites of course. No fish, peanut butter, strawberries/mangos, egg whites and um, I think that's it. So - time for some cheese and pasta and meat and all sorts of goodies.

The thing with that is, um, I think meat is hopped up on so many steroids it is insane. I mean, are you telling me that chickens running around on the farm have breasts that big? No, certainly not. They are all juiced up, so they get bigger, more chicken to sell, yada yada. I don't think that anyone can deny there is a significant difference between kids (especially girls) at the age of 13 from 20 years ago and now. I know I didn't have breasts like these Jr High girls do. So - what is the point of this rant? Organic meat. It's expensive though - like mad expensive. I can't afford $5-7/lb for organic free-range chicken breast. If you are in the Northern Virginia area and want to split a side of organic beef or some organic chicken, let me know.

Ok -back to Ricky. He is doing great. We still don't have definitive words yet but there is lots and lots of babbling. Nothing like MaMa or DaDa but I have noticed lots of B sounds lately. I think he might just have Baba down. I haven't really noticed if he says it when he sees something or not. I will have to pay closer attention. When he sees his actual bottle, he just gets all wound up and excited, I don't think he can find the words at that moment.

So - that's the status. We have been really busy around the house, putting up the tree and such so no pics this week. We will be in Ohio at the end of next week visiting my family so I will definitely have pics from that visit.

Until next time....TTFN!


Amy said...

Trader Joe's has cheap organic chicken breasts. Like $1.99/pound cheap.

And really good prices on organic milk too, when he's ready for that.

Andi said...

Yay!! You will be here next week. I took Thurs and Fri off so if you want to get together one of those day's let me know :) I can't believe how big he has gotten! Love ya!

girl said...

TJ's does have great milk... good growing little man!

Sonja said...

I agree with you on the meat issue. On on hand it is clearly pumped with drugs and on the other hand the alternative is just way too expensive.

btw... I tagged you on my blog

oh and GO RICKY!!!

A Buns Life said...

I love chunky monkeys! Jake was like 29 lbs when he was 1 and he is 6.5 yrs old now and JUST hit 41 lbs so he has only gained 12 lbs in 5.5 years...he is a skinny minney now! :)

abbyjess said...

Yay for being able to eat more solid foods. Although post-meat diapers are very unpleasant things.

Thanks for visiting Triangle Mamas, we hope you'll come back again.

Mama2hre said...

I love reading your blog! I also love thinking back to only having one. When my first was born I worried about my cooking, what he ate, etc. When the second came along french fries became an acceptable veggie. THEN the third came along...yeah, she's 3 and doing fine, but I'm pretty sure she's eaten food off the floor! Ah. My oldest was also a big boy who we refered to as "Bubba" for years. He's now a twig! It's amazing how they change as they grow. And it all happens way too fast!

Mary said...

He's adorable! I love happy eaters! I can't wait to see the "oops, I dumped pasta on my head again" pic, he's almost there!