Sunday, November 30, 2008

My New Ride.

Car update, part deux.

The car guy that I have been emailing with called me yesterday morning to talk models. Based on my goals and needs, he recommended that I also check out the Chevy Traverse. It is a 2009 model so I hadn't even considered it. Price wise, it was running a bit more than the TrailBlazer but safety wise, the TrailBlazer was sucking a$$. The Traverse far exceeded safety tests and Consumer Reports seemed fond of the vehicle too.

I saw it on the showroom floor and was a little skeptical. What do you mean 3 rows of seating, but no sliding doors? Oh, the 2nd row seats slide and store - nice. Oh, the 3rd row folds down and the rear storage capacity is huge - nice. The seats actually have so many variations for travel & storage I almost swooned. Then I got in and test drove it. Oh my - it was lovely. The ride is great, the handling is awesome. But....will it pass the carseat test? Can I have it behind the drivers side seat and it will fit comfortably? YEP!

So, we talked money, I talked trade, they were pretty nice, it was the end of the month so they were itching for a sale. It was about $1500 more than the TrailBlazer would have been, but it is totally worth it. The mileage is better, the handling is better. And most importantly, this is a much safer vehicle.

So - check out my new ride. It isn't where I started, but I think I got the best of both worlds, Minivan + SUV = my new crossover. BTW this is the same car as the GMC Acadia that has been out since 2007 just a more affordable version.

Who wants to go for a ride? No - you can't drive. Ok....maybe.


Jessica said...

I'm so excited for you!!
But now who will I look at cars with?? :(
Congrats girlie!! I cant WAIT to see it!!

Andi said...

So that is the car that you were lost in when you called yesterday!! LOL I can't wait to see it in person in just a couple of weeks!! Love ya!

Luanne said...

Love it, I love how it looks! Wowsa, I am a bit jealous!