Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nita New Ride.

Get it....I need a new ride. Ok, it isn't funny. But the "Nita = Need a" thing has followed me around all of my life. Nita man, Nita bath, Nita beer. Nita beer is my favorite.

Anyway, I need a new ride. I don't really need a new ride, but I figure since car sales are so low and there are some 2008's floating around that dealers are itching to get rid of, now is as good a time as any. I like my car, but it is just getting a little tight. The carseat is behind the passenger seat because I can't have the drivers seat back as far as I need it to be to accommodate all 5'8 of me. So the gigantic, rear facing Britax Marathon is behind the passenger seat, forcing Rick's knees up his nose. But hey, I am not willing to sacrifice the safety of my son. Besides, I don't have the side curtain airbags right now and I really want a safer vehicle, you know, to compliment the uber safe carseat.

So - the car. I really would like a Honda Odyssey minivan. But um - Honda doesn't want to play nice with my trade - to the tune of about 3k less than I owe. So, I emailed a local Chevy dealer about a Trailblazer which is a slightly larger SUV and they are willing to come like 9k off the sticker price. Between the rebates and dealers itching to get rid of the 2008's, it is a pretty good price. But I am still on the fence about the car itself. It doesn't have the best reliability ratings and they have no deals as far as financing.

There is also the Ford TaurusX & Mazda CX-9 (Ford & Mazda are pretty much the same), these are kinda like a Subaru Outback. A crossover wagon/SUV thing. I prefer the body style of the Mazda over the Taurus but because it is Mazda, it costs more, but their 1.9% financing makes it easier to swallow. My current Ford - well, let's just say there have been a handful of warranty claims and that aggravates me. I was not happy that I had the transmission replaced at 26k miles. I have already been pre-approved and will be taking my trusty letter with me around to all of the dealers, but it is for a slightly higher rate.

I am so freaking indecisive it isn't funny. I had my heart set on an Odyssey, but there are no 2008's to be found in the DC area. I contacted some dealers in Ohio, but like I said, the trade. I am not eating that much on my trade. The Chevy dealer is in the same family of dealers that I bought my current Escape from, so they are being more generous with the trade. Grrr....what to do.

I have also been trying to do most of this online. This makes it alot easier. Email a handful of dealers with what you want, and tell them to bicker amongst themselves. There are a couple phone calls, but overall it has been a pleasant experience. I hate the going to the dealer, sitting in the room, waiting on all the running back and forth. It just aggravates me. I also think that as a woman, I am treated differently. I don't see how this is possible when women control 80% of the spending in the US. EIGHTY PERCENT! But happens. So, I always go in with this wall up around me because I feel like I have to.

However....I still have to do the test drives. Be strong Nita! Don't let them suck you in to their web. After all, you have the money, you have the credit. You have a car, you don't NEED their car. You just want it. It would just make life a little bit easier.

And it would make Rick happy, since he wouldn't have his knees up his nose while riding in the passenger seat.

Why am I so greedy?


Anonymous said...

You are NOT greedy!

Jamie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog...My mom drives a Chevy Equinox and loves it. She's had it a little over two years now and has never had a MAJOR problem with it. They are comparable to the Ford Escape actually and get better gas mileage than the Trailblazer.

I test drove a Hyundai Tuscon and loved it as well....I just could not work it out to fit my budget that's why I'm not driving one right now.