Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Folks!

We had a great first Christmas in our house. There were a couple bumps along the way but nothing that couldn't be handled. I think Ricky was just overwhelmed. When he got up, the playroom had changed completely. I had shuffled a couple things around, put up some Santa gifts and man, did he have a great time!

Remember those bumps I mentioned. Yeah, the cold I had - er, still have - Ricky has it. Like full blown, hacking, coughing, snot bubble blowing cold. Poor guy. He had tons of fun with his new toys that Santa brought but fun was certainly interrupted by coughing. We even napped together today, I felt so bad for him. Of course, he LOVES having his nose wiped, doesn't every kid?

Even with the cold, there was lots of playing. Santa brought Ricky a Chicco Play 'N Ride Car Deluxe, a Step 2 Kangaroo Climber and the hit of the day, a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone. We have been keeping Ricky away from cords of all sorts so to have a toy with a string attached to it - Oh the joy!

So he crawled and pulled the string and sat on the riding toy and pushed all sorts of buttons and tried to eat some of his new books. As far as tonight with the sniffles and the cough and the congestion, wish us luck. He has been given a dose of motrin (to help with the teething - oh the teething), and a healthy slathering of Baby Vapo Rub under his sleeper.

And fret not, Santa stopped by for Mommy & Daddy too. Daddy got some VGA to blah blah blah video converter thingy that enables him to capture video and upload it to YouTube of the utmost quality. Mommy got a really super duper lovely pretty absolutely stunning aquamarine ring that I have been wanting for months.

I hope you enjoy the pics and I even threw in a little video. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

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