Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling Icky

Yeah we are. I am actually doing much better, if only I would remember to take my AllegraD regularly then my nose wouldn't be all stuffy. Ricky is ok but his cold definitely got worse.

Friday afternoon I called the Doc, his cough was a huge concern to me. I know there are no OTC meds you can give kids so I was hoping for some home remedy (no honey!). They wanted us to come in and get a quick check.

We arrived at the Pediatrician's office (across the street from where we live - yay!) and they called us in immediately, I didn't even have to sit down. I was very pleased about this as I was not looking forward to trying to keep Ricky away from all the germified toys in the office. The swabbed his nose and checked for RSV, which was negative. Gave his chest a good listen and prescribed some albuterol treatments and I had to go out to buy a nebulizer. I went to Target first (kinda trying to boycott Walmart ever since I read this in addition to overall quality of service and such). Of course Target tells me they have no nebulizers. What - now I HAVE to go to Walmart. I went ahead and had Target fill the Albuterol script, which took forever but doesn't it always when you are waiting? Besides, I had some grocery shopping to do.

Next stop, WalMart. Sure thing ma'am, we have one left in stock. It will be an hour.


How is it an hour to take a box off the shelf and slap a label on it? Oh, we're backed up from Christmas and have so many prescriptions to fill. Really - this doesn't involve counting pills, advising of side effects, not checking for any contradicting meds but whatever. FINE!

So that means I had to stroll around WalMart for an hour, the day after Christmas. Oh the joy.

So I head back to the pharmacy to pick it up and head out. $64 later I am on my way. I suppose I could have went to CVS but I hear they are $100+ there and I am willing to pay a price for my boycott, but not that much.

We did Ricky's second treatment that night before bed. He did NOT like it. The secret to a peaceful neb treatment, Baby Einstein. Or the Muppets Mahna Mahna video on a never ending loop. Hehe - I love the Muppets so I didn't mind that so much.

Ricky is feeling much better now. The nose is still pretty stuffy and he hates the ball syringe but we manage. I haven't noticed he has a fever but I don't think I am getting the thermometer thingy all the way down in his ear anyway so it's more like I hope he doesn't have a fever.

I think the treatments are helping, he has slept until after 8am the last two days so we know he is definitely getting some good sleep in. So until our followup appointment tomorrow, that is all the news we have about our little Mr Sicky.

And since you were so nice to stop by and check out what was going on over our way, I will give you this little present. Enjoy.

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Beautifully Unique said...

Being sick really bites! Hope you both feel better soon! I have found that with Kaylee, giving her the breathing treatment works best if she is sleeping.