Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Ohio - 2008

Our trip to Ohio was pretty uneventful unless you count me being sick as an event. More on that later.

We left last Weds and headed out around 1pm. Ricky was fed and changed when we picked him up from daycare (Thanks Alice!) and we were ready to roll. We are so lucky that the carseat has that nice sleep inducing effect on him. He must have slept for 3+ hrs. Overall the drive there and back was great. He loves to just sit and look out the window.

We stayed with my friend Andi's parents. It just worked out better that way. They were kinda far from my family but nobody really had the space for us. Well Grandma does even though it would have been tight. Also, she has so much stuff in her house, we would have spent more time policing Ricky then actually spending with Grandma and that would have killed it.

Thursday we headed out for breakfast and a couple errands - like to pick up some antibiotics. I didn't head over to Grandma's because I have had an awful cold that I was working on getting over and didn't want her (who just came home from the hospital the day before) to be exposed. Besides, she had that nasty stomach virus and that is the last thing I wanted in my house. We just kinda hung at the house that afternoon, letting Ricky crawl all over the place (big living/dining room!) and he loved it. My Mom came over and Ricky got to spend some time with Grandma - Yay!

So those antibiotics, I took them a couple hours after I ate and it was a 5 day pack. Within a few hours my stomach was NOT feeling well. We went out to hubby's favorite chinese place and it seriously kicked in. I wasn't feeling well, Ricky was getting cranky, we got dinner to go and rushed out of there. I prayed it wasn't that evil stomach virus that has been going around.

Friday we visited Grandma and just kinda hung out. Saturday we had a family dinner with my sisters and most of their kids. I had 2 nephews and a niece missing which kinda sucked as I would have loved to see them. Grandma (with a lot of help from Mom) made tons of food of course, the usual for my family. My favorite is always the chicken & homemade noodles. SO YUMMY! And there were cookies and banana bread and veggies.

Oh - veggies! Ricky tried cucumber. My sister gave him a piece that had been soaked in vinegar. He didn't make any type of face at all, he loved it, he wanted more! So, he ate more, and more and more. Needless to say, cucumbers will be on the grocery list from now on.

Sunday we headed back home. The antibiotics kicked in again so I felt like crap on the drive home. I think this cold I had turned in to a minor sinus/ear infection since I have had some vertigo as well. It is pretty much gone but of course kiddo woke up this morning with the sniffles. Dang.

Here's a movie of some pics from the trip. I don't have captions and names on all of them so sorry folks. The pic with all the kids are my nieces & nephews and the pic with the 2 crazy looking ladies are my sisters.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

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