Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seven Months!

And one day....ok, it was one day when I started this post. Seven months and TWO days to be more accurate.

Piglet hit 7 months yesterday, er Monday. Has it really been that long? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting here in my recliner, with my feet up (my feet were huge), rubbing my belly, counting the days until my Piglet would arrive. Just a couple weeks ago I returned to work, right? Where has the time gone? Where did summer go? I had so much I wanted to do. I blinked and my baby is a little boy.

Every day Rick and I thank God for how lucky we are. Seriously, Ricky is a pretty laid back kid. Laid back with tons of energy but if that is our biggest challenge, well then my butt will just have to get smaller with all the chasing.

What has our Piglet been up to you ask? Well, he is scooting everywhere - forwards and backwards. The last couple days I have noticed him up on his hands & knees. I figure he be will up to full speed with the crawling thing in a few weeks. He is also so observant. Anywhere he is, he is always looking around to see what else he can see, get in to, chew on, etc. Today he scooted to the edge of the playroom, to the gate that goes into the kitchen, and proceeded to grab the edge of the foam tile. He nearly had the entire thing pulled up, just so he would have something to chew on. Have I mentioned that there were no less than 5 toys within a couple feet? He isn't into snuggling so much because he always wants to be checking everything out around him. He cries when he is hungry or hurt, fusses when he needs a diaper change. All in all, he is great!

He still totally spits up but he isn't suffering because of it. I really hope that the crawling will help since he won't have as much pressure on his tummy. It is getting pretty old. People want to hold him and I always give them an "At your own risk" disclaimer.

Wanna see what our 7 month old Piglet looks like? Here are some brand spankin' new pics, just for you!


Girl said...

You people just rock my socks! Love the one with his Dad! Beautiful family!

Amy said...

Great pictures!

Beth said...

OMG I love the pics. He's getting SO big! He looks so much like you.


A Buns Life said...

You all are so cute!!

Andi said...

I love the pics!! You all look great. I can't believe that Ricky is 7 months already.

Cherie said...

Those are gorgeous photos!