Friday, September 5, 2008


I told you I had some. I just keep forgetting to take the card out of the camera.

BTW - we just about have a toofer. I have made some pathetic attempts at getting a pic of it but every time I put my hand near his chin or lip, he sticks his tongue out. So unless you want to see me with my finger nearly in his mouth, being licked, you will have to trust me. I can feel it in there, I can see the white of the tooth. It is almost all the way in. Some days he does pretty well tolerating the teething pain and other days he is a little grumpy. Overall things have went pretty good I would say.

We also transitioned to the big tub. I have been bathing him all this time in the kitchen sink - I think we used the baby tub like twice. And he is in the ultra big tub in my bathroom since the drain stopper in "his" bathroom doesn't seem to work right. I bought a bath ring for him to sit in and so far things are going pretty well. He loves to play with his tub toys. Ok, not so much play as eat. He loves to EAT his tub toys. I'll try to get pics of that this weekend.

BTW - he will be SIX MONTHS tomorrow! Where has the time gone - geesh! My baby is a little boy.....*sniff*

Ricky likes riding on Daddy's shoulder around the house. We call him Giant Baby! (Imagine that in a really low. booming voice) It is especially fun when he spits up and he sees how far it has to go to get to the ground - yay.

He likes his highchair. It has cool toys. I like his keeps him entertained. The best part is that the toys don't get thrown on the floor.

Ooooooh, check out what else it does mom. This is pretty neat.

We figured since he was eating so well, let's go ahead and try a sippy cup. Yes, it's pink. It went ok, he gets how to put it in his mouth and even suck on it, but we have a little more work to do.

Oh wow....this is neato. I think I will stick it in my mouth, since that's where I put everything else... definitely goes in my mouth. Hey, this feels great on my new toofer. Thanks Ma! Can you leave me alone now....I'm working on something here.


Jessica said...

omg. SO BIG. Utterly adorable, and SO big.

A Buns Life said...

I love the pics!!! BTW, we will be able to exist until the National Championship game....and then WE will beat you....cause you are always #2. :)