Friday, August 15, 2008

My Addiction

Shopping. Yeah I know, nothing all that interesting.

I wouldn't really call it an addiction. I just have a slight problem. I used to buy stuff for myself. Shirts, pants, purses.....oh the purses. Now I can justify my shopping problem - my son needs clothes. I was just going through the clothes he has outgrown and realized that I definitely transitioned my shopping addiction.

I have proof. In 3-6 month sizes alone I have the following items. I will also say that he blew through this size in about 4-6 weeks thanks to the introduction of cereal and solid foods. Anyway, here is the list:
  • 15 sleepers (EEK!)
  • 26 onesies (ACK!!!!!)
  • 5 pairs of pants (to match some of the onesies)
  • 6 long sleeved onesies (It's SUMMER!!!)
  • 11 short pants onesie outfits (these were used constantly)
  • 3 pairs of short
  • 2 pairs of bib shorts
  • 1 pair of bib jeans
  • 4 tshirts
  • 1 hawaiian shirt
  • 1 uber cool wanna be Tiger Woods lightweight linen plaid pants, golf shirt and with coordinating pageboy cap (sooooo cute, NEVER worn)
  • A zillion pairs of socks for his giant Fred Flintstone feet.
  • And of OSU onesie.
Have I mentioned I do laundry like every other day ? He is only one kid - why would I possibly think I need 15 sleepers and 26 onesies??? And oh yeah - my niece is having a boy in a few weeks and I already sent her a ton of stuff.

Some of what I listed were gifts but why did I buy more stuff? Can you imagine how much longer that list would be if I had a girl?!?!

I figure there are 2 things that contributed to the current situation. The changing table used the most is on the main floor of the house. The clothes that were put in his dresser or closet were barely touched. I would rotate outfits as often as I would remember to, but I can safely say that at least a third of that stuff has never even been worn. I'm also guessing that I didn't inventory very well so I anticipated need. I also anticipated he would actually fit in the 3-6 month clothes from age 3-6 months. Guess the joke's on me. I will try to be alot better about it with the 9 month and the 12 month wardrobes. I also bought some 18 month summer stuff for next spring/summer. I had to - it was on clearance! Hopefully he won't be in a size 2 come May.

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