Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a Pain in the Neck

I tweaked something somewhere and I have been pretty much screwed since last Friday.

I woke up Thursday and kinda felt it coming on and Friday my back was screaming in pain. I have had problems from time to time, especially since the introduction of carrying around a kicking & squirming 20lb piglet. Normally some rest, some BioFreeze and a visit to my chiropractor for some muscle stim and heat therapy fix it right up.

Not this time.

Since Sunday, I have had a massage, 2 chiro visits with heat and stim treatment to no avail. Doc went off on some tangent yesterday about my right rotator cuff (of course it hurts when you push right there, but that isn't my problem now) but that didn't do crap for my left shoulder. So now, well now I can't look down. I kinda can, but like walking down stairs for example have a whole new meaning. Picking up the baby, looking down to change a diaper or look into his crib, even eating.

Sometimes it's even accompanied by some sciatic pain or some other freaky pain that shoots down my left arm to my elbow.

ICK. Grrrrr. It hurts. It sucks. I'm cranky. Ibuprofen is a joke.

I want a muscle relaxer and I want it now.

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