Friday, July 18, 2008

What Annoys Me.....

People who go the speed limit. It shouldn’t, but it does. Really….there is a pretty good shot you won’t get a ticket if you go say, 5 mph over the speed limit.

People who go under the speed limit. These folks are normally on their cell phone and too busy to pay attention to the road. This is a whole issue there just isn’t time to get in to.

Loss of Control. I am doing ok with it for the most part. What is currently annoying me is that my daycare lady has a basketball tournament with her teenage daughter next week but the schedule isn’t posted yet. So I don’t know what days I have daycare. Now I have to go to my boss and tell him I might need to work from home but I don't know when and blah blah blah. Everything will work out, it just bugs me that I have to figure out how to get “everything to work out”

People who think the world revolves around them. I know this person, we’ll call her A. Well, A is mad because her other friend – we’ll call her B - isn’t “calling her and talking to her/checking on her as often as she used to”. What A is failing to realize is that B is dealing with quite a few family related challenges & medical issues of her own and maybe, just maybe, it isn’t good for her to call you and let you dump your toxic crap on her. After all, it isn’t all about you. This is precisely why I very rarely talk to A. It is exhausting and she is an adult. Get your head out of your a$$ and figure it out. Everyone else manages to.

Children’s National Hospital - Billing Dept: Ricky had to have a sono on his kidney. After the sono, we saw a pediatric urologist. This is where things went awry. I offered to pay the copay at the time of the visit, but they refused to accept it. Then they billed the consultation with no code indicating what type of MD we saw, so insurance kicked it back. (I managed to get that one fixed). Then Children’s sent me a bill for the copay (the one they refused to take in the first place). I went to the website on the bill – the wrong website is posted. I found the website and the sample statement on their site didn’t match the statement I had so I needed to find some magic number in order to pay online. This in turn made me end up calling, sitting on hold and talking to some snarky lady who must have thought I was out of it. Surely the data on the bill and website is perfect (um no, it isn’t!) I finally get the magic number, attempt to make the payment and there is no SSL indicator on their site that it is a secure site for submitting payments. WTF!

T Boone Pickens. I don’t know why. His overall concept is very important I think. The US should be using more renewable resources and reduce our dependence on foreign energy. I think it’s just his commercial that bugs me. And I hate to say it….I think the “good ol’ boy” accent is why. Maybe it’s just the way it sounds coming out of HIS mouth.

What doesn't annoy me......Earl Grey Tea. I love it.

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