Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daycare: End of Week 1

Overall we had a pretty darn successful week at daycare.

There aren't any mysterious marks on Ricky. He comes home in a great mood. I figure another week or so and we will be in a pretty good routine. Just in time to make the roadtrip back to Ohio and completely undo it all. YAY!

Missing Ricky during this time is hard, but it makes our time with him all that much more special. It is nice. Rick and I come home and we just have so much more energy to play with him. I feel like when I was on maternity leave, when Rick would get home I would pretty much be to the point of "Here, take this" just to get a moment alone to go to the bathroom or stuff a sandwich in my mouth. I think Rick got a little taste of this last week while he was working from home all week long and it was kinda the same way. Well now, we aren't so burned out at the end of the day that we aren't able to enjoy our time with him. We have the energy to play and make the goofy faces and sounds and all the other fun things there are to do. I hope I am getting my point across clearly. I can't speak for Rick, but this is how I feel. I truly enjoy every minute I have with my son, but sometimes when you are exhausted from just everything, it's just a little hard to really have fun.

As far as Ricky, well he seems to like daycare and the other kids there.....well they just love him. When I show up to pick him up, Emma wants to "show me the baby". It's so cute. Wednesday morning I was even running a late and the girls wanted Alice to call to see if the baby was coming.

The only challenge this week was with my provider. We agreed on a set amount, I have the contract and all is well. Here is how things went:

Me: I didn't bring a check....the deposit I paid you goes toward this week right?
Her: Well....that's normally if you would have paid it like a week or two in advance, but since I had to, you know...hold the spot for you, it's really just for holding that spot.
Me: Mmmmmkay....I don't think that is what the contract says....
Her: Yeah....I need to redo that.
Me: Um yeah, we need to redo that. You had mentioned that before. (I have to include that I have even offered to act as her MS Word guru to complete this task as she is having PC issues at home)
Her: So how about we just do half instead?
Me: Oooooooook

Like I can say no? She is taking care of my son. I don't want to piss off the lady taking care of my son but I don't want to be taken advantage of either. This isn't what I agreed to. Had she told me in April that she needed a deposit just for holding the spot, I would have been fine and happily paid the deposit. But to change it like this on me.....well that just irks me.

In the overall scope of things, this is a minor problem. Just not knowing in advance aggravates me. This goes back to loss of control thing I am having issues with. I suppose I better get used to it sooner rather than later.

And I promise I will try to get some pics taken this weekend. Now where did that memory card go?


Andi said...
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Andi said...

I can't wait for you all to get here!

Girl said...

That's nonsense and irritating. Gah. Childcare seems like it's a rock and a hard place.