Sunday, July 20, 2008


See.....told you I would take some pics.

We have been working on the cereal thing for the last few weeks and today, well today we had some sweet potatoes. Ricky LOVED the sweet potatoes. If I thought I couldn't get the cereal in his mouth fast enough, that was nothing compared to the demand for sweet potatoes.


Just catching some winks in the swing. Everyone should really have one of these things. It could put the sleeping pill industry to shame.

Ricky gets a little angry when the food runs out so the key is to pop the binky in right away. As you can see, he isn't quite over the fact that the sweet potatoes just ran out.

Whatcha sayin'? You got some more sweet potatoes? Where? more sweet potatoes? That's ok, I'm already full.

I really like to flip backwards and stretch like this. I do it all the time when Dad is holding me. Then I get up and have a headrush and realize it isn't worth it. Then I forget and do it all over again.

Sshhhh, can't talk. Baby Einstein is on.

Gotta go, time to play! Catch you folks later!

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