Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Craigslist Yard Sale Lady

I saw your posting for your yard sale. You posted it to Craigslist on Thursday (or maybe it was Friday). You were in a neighborhood pretty much across the street from my house AND you said you have boys clothes up to toddler sizes.

I got up, got the husband up to tend to the baby and got my happy butt out of the house around 8:15am this past Saturday. I followed the directions and the signs and there was no sale.

Ok....maybe it starts at 9am instead.

So I checked out some other yard sales (not time well spent, lemme tell you) and came back a couple minutes after 9am. Still nothing. The signs are still up. The street is a Court so it isn't like I am getting lost.

Where did you go yard sale lady? I was so looking forward to it. This really ticked me off.

So I ran to Target (Pampers were on sale!) and to the bank to deposit all my change in my coin jar (nearly $200!) and made one last roll by.


I suppose I could have imagined it. But I even mapped it. And now there is no posting on Craigslist to tell me that I am not crazy. Did I imagine it? Was it a posting for a yard sale for last weekend? I didn't think so. I swear the date was July 18 that it was posted. The signs looked very new, although they didn't have an address or time, they pointed right up your street, your dead end street. They were flimsy paper signs so there is no way they could have tolerated a week of weather and still looked that good.

Please tell me I'm not imagining things and you had something that you had to do and that I'm not losing my mind.

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Jessica said...

THAT would drive me nuts.